Energy Air Inc.
Heating & Air Comfort Syatems


Tracie J. Kelley, Founder, President & CEO of Energy Air Inc., is passionate about serving the Heating & Air needs for all of Central Arkansas!

Her inspirations in the industry were instilled at a very early age by her father, who lead the way for the journey to what is now Arkansas Premier Heating & Air Service Provider. With over 11 teams of HVAC professionlas, both, commercial and residential, Kelley is able to deliver a powerful team of professionals to get the job done efficiently and in a timely manner, while providing only the very BEST in HVAC equipment & the best Warranties!

ENERGY AIR provides many services, INCLUDING:



~GENERAC Generators

~Ventilation & Duct Systems

~Ductless Systems (Ideal for sunrooms/add-ons)

~Duct Cleaning

And much more!

ENERGY AIR INC. is a HEATING & AIR company serving central Arkansas Since 1992 with over 52 years of industry experience & STRONGER THAN EVER!